Meet Your Next Competition Check-List

       As a competition draws near, there is a multitude of emotions one experiences. There is so much stimulation when it comes to a competition and so many factors that lay outside your control, it can make any dancer freak out. In those cases, one finds comfort in the things that they can control. Such as making sure they have everything they might need to make their experience so much easier. The last thing someone needs is realizing they have forgotten something at home. Although in most cases, you would be able to find and buy items that are missing from your supplies, that adds pressure in finding the time and place to do so. Better to leave with everything you might ever need from the get-go.
         Let’s consider this type of packing the “What-If” approach: packing for everything you need in the case that you might need it. Although a dangerous mindset that carries the potential threat of “overpacking”, if done correctly, this could be your ticket to a stress-free competition. Keep in mind, that these items are only a guideline, and there could be many more items you would require.
- Bobby pins in your hair color (we always remember closed, but don’t forget the open ones!)
- Hair elastics that work for your hair type
- Hairspray (Try Got2b Glued or Silhouette by Schwartzkopf)
- Hair gel
- Hair decorations matching your costumes
- Hair extensions (always good to have some ready!)
- Styling tools (flat iron and blow drier definitely; curling iron or crimper optional)
- Rattail comb and brush
- Foundation/Concealer
- Blush and Bronzer
- Black eyeliner (preferably liquid or with powder/brush applicator)
- Eyeshadow (brown, black, and white are a must…colors to match dress in some cases)
- Fake Eyelashes and glue (make sure they are the strip kind not individual)
 - Lipstick (bright colors work best: Red, Pink, or Salmon; LipSense is amazing because it is long wearing and doesn’t come off!)
- Gloss for lips
- Tool: Brushes, Tweezers, Small Scissors
- Tanning products and applicators
- Nails: polish and remover, or nail glue
- Makeup remover (Neutrogena wipes work great to get that heavy makeup off at the end of the night!)
- Dance Costume for style of dance
- Rhythm/Latin or Smooth or Standard Shoes (& an extra pair just in case!)
- Bracelets, necklaces, and/or earrings matching your costume or solo outfit
- Kimono/jacket/track suit to go over costume
- Slippers or comfortable shoes to walk around competition in while you have your costume on
- Warm-up/Practice Clothes
- Practice Shoes
- Fishnets or other hosiery
- Cocktail/Formal wear for evening events and shoes to match
- Shawl or Sports Jacket for the ballroom
- Super glue
- Needle and thread, safety pins, small scissors
- Mini portable/hand-held steamer
- Shoe Brush
- Heel Caps
- Bag to bring into ballroom
- Cash for a well-deserved drinks at the end of the night after all that great dancing! 

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