In 2013, Miari was born in New York City. Beginning as an in-house ballroom dress atelier for a local studio in New York, we produced custom gowns, tail suits, accessories and practicewear. Over a decade later, we have grown into sophisticated and luxury brand that has become a staple in the ballroom industry worldwide. We are regarded highly by all levels of dancers: beginners, social dancers and seasoned professionals alike.

Miari focuses exclusively and solely on quality dancewear for practice, coaching, in studio events, and social parties. We are meticulous about fabrics, materials, and maintaining the quality of our products.

Although we are very much designed for ballroom dancers, Miari can be worn to a multitude of dance purposes: hustle, swing, Argentine tango, two step, social parties, dance cruises, showcases, galas, the list goes on!

Our brand stands out because dancers instantly recognize the quality of Miari. The unparalleled comfort and ease of movement elevate their dance experience. Our silhouettes are designed for dancers of any age, and remain classic for a lifetime.