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Mazen and Izabella: Thoughts on Dancing, Future Goals, and Favorite Holiday Traditions

Mazen and Izabella: Thoughts on Dancing, Future Goals, and Favorite Holiday Traditions
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How long have you been dancing together?
Izabella: 7 years.
Wow it feels like much longer than that!
Mazen: I know right, its been so much fun! [laughs]
What has been your favorite competition or performance moment to date?
Mazen: I would have to say Blackpool, Ohio Star Ball, and the retirement dance.
Izabella: Yes, the retirement dance at Ohio Star Ball definitely stood out to me.
Whats your favorite dance? Least favorite?
Mazen: I like all of them...Maybe Foxtrot. Least favorite? Freakin' Pachanga! That’s not a dance
Izabella: Viennese Waltz is my favorite, and least favorite is Foxtrot (haha)
What or who inspires you the most?
Mazen:  Gene Kelly and Bryan Watson.
Izabella: Michael and Joanna, and Ruud Vermeij. He has been instrumental in pushing me further and getting me out of my comfort zone.
What is your favorite thing to wear to practice?
Izabella: My Miari practicewear, of course!
Mazen: Yes, especially my skirts and crop tops. They are so light and airy. [laughs]
What is your favorite quality in each other as a partner?
Mazen: Her persistence
Izabella: I like that he takes the time to understand me.
What is your least favorite quality in each other?
Mazen: Her persistence.
Izabella: (laughs)
What is your favorite thing to do during the Holiday season?
Izabella: Eating! And shopping for holiday gifts.
Mazen: Singing Christmas carols. [laughs]
If you could do or be anything besides a professional dancer, what would it be?
Izabella: Professional fitness instructor, psychologist or TV host.
Mazen: Superman
What will you miss most about the competing together?
Izabella: The traveling, the excitement, the rush of adrenaline when you walk out onto the floor.
Mazen: The traveling and keeping her constantly entertained as she gets bored easily.
Mazen, what are your plans for the future after a competitive career?
Mazen: Tour all over the world
If you could give any piece of advice to a young competitive dancer, what would it be?
Mazen: Find a good team that will guide you.
Izabella: Don’t let results dictate your perception of yourself.

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