Smart and Sophisticated Vanessa Women's Pant

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Ladies, no need to borrow your partner's trousers any longer. Now Miari has a sleek and sexy pair of dance pants just for you! Our Vanessa pant has a high waisted draped waistband that simply pulls on, without the fuss of zippers and buttons. The draping and high waist of these pants creates a slimming silhouette for any size and shape. Pants are made in a luxury polyester crepe, which doesn't wrinkle and is machine washable. A 41" out-seam can be hemmed to your desired length. Perfect for teaching and practicing (especially smooth and standard dances), legs of these pants are cut very wide, mimicking the moment of a long skirt.
Latin and Rhythm ladies, these pants are versatile enough for you too! Pair with any fitted black jacket for a smart and sophisticated tuxedo look.

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