What's on the horizon for Miari Dancewear in Summer 2015

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With fitness crazes like Zumba and tv shows like Dancing with the Stars, the passion and love for dance has been growing exponentially in recent years. For many, dancing is an excellent outlet to escape from the humdrum into a world that’s only about them, their partner and the music. For others, it’s a fun way to incorporate fitness into their lives without having to be a skivvy at the gym. Being able to escape and let loose is what makes dancing so spectacular; and with so many forms of dance available for all levels dancers, no one is left sitting in the corner.

Miari Dancewear has had a solid following for the last three years now, but with more exposure at recent trunk shows and competitions, Miari has been getting attention from some new faces. In the past, Miari Dancewear was seen and adored by many in the immediate tri-state area of NY, but wanting to reach a bigger audience, the Miari team has set its sights on breaking into the world of vending competitions and hosting trunks shows on both coasts.

The major jump off point for Miari Dancewear was being a vendor at the Tri-State Dancesport Championships held in Stamford, CT this past March. The look-and-feel of the booth accompanied with the MiariSport collection, Miari Dancewear was able to win the hearts of both new and current customers. The personalised one-on-one consultations and ease of purchase were well received at Tri-State.

While riding high from the turnout and response from Tri-State, Miari Dancewear knew there was much more work to be done. After returning to Brooklyn from Stamford, the Miari team went straight to work to design and develop more styles to add to the collection - the feedback received from customers has proved invaluable and helped illuminate the holes in practicewear offerings and Miari Dancewear could focus on developing styles that would meet these needs. Partnering with their NYC factory and fabric vendors, the Miari team has been hard at work perfecting the soon to be released styles to reach an even broader audience.

Ariana’s unique background of dancer turned designer has given her the keen ability to recognize emerging fashion trends and marry those trends with ballroom to produce practicewear that is sleek yet maintaining a level of refinement that is classic and timeless. Overall, the Miari brand aims to offer dance apparel that celebrates the fun, creative expression and beautiful complexities of dancing; and, always up for a challenge, the Miari team is forever searching for ways to push the MiariSport line even further.

Always listening to the customer and getting to know their likes and dislikes, Miari Dancewear has continued to compound its discoverings while vending Emerald Ball and American Star Ball. Seeing the response and excitement of the customers only drives the Miari team to perfect the MiariSport label and is looking forward to vending Yankee Classic, Millenium & Manhattan Dancesport to expand the reach of the brand and offer more practicewear options to dancers alike.  

But the biggest challenge Miari Dancewear has tasked itself with is to be able to speak to not only the competitive dancer, but to the extemporaneous dancer as well. Miari Dancewear wants every woman who wears MiariSort to feel confident, carefree and special regardless if they dance everyday or only dance intermittently. Most importantly, Miari Dancewear wants to make shopping and looking good effortless so everyone who wears the collection looks and feels amazing and can focus on their dancing.

The soon to be released MiariSport will showcase styles featuring a splash of bold, invigorating colors and a hypnotic print that will not disappoint. Adding new life into the collection, MiariSport customers will have even more options of the styles they know and love. And with every piece of MiariSport, Miari Dancewear wants to all of their customers to know that with the right accessories, hair and attitude, you can truly “Make it Yours.”

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