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Ariana Probinsky, creative director for Miari Dancewear, has taken a fresh step on the dancefloor with the launch of a new MiariSport collection that continues to emphasize high-quality ballroom practice-wear.

The MiariSport line will continue to carry select key styles from previous collections while debuting five sleek and stunning styles that are sure to wow on the dance floor. The latest collection will make it’s grand debut on miaridancewear.com February 1st.

Wanting to keep inline with the same sophisticated and sleek styling, Ariana designed styles with clean, organic lines in mind while adding a bit of flirtation in the details. Even with the added attention to detail, the new collection will not break the bank offering styles priced from $115 to $199.

While expanding the collection, the Miari Dancewear team has been hard at work to elevate the overall look and feel of the brand. January 1st, miaridancewear.com, underwent construction and is better than ever. The new site allows customer to easily navigate the products we offer, with a much smoother checkout process. Also, keeping the customer in mind, a “Customer Support” tab was added to the top navigation to help answer any questions.

Miari Dancewear also partnered with a couple of new faces that were essential in making the magic happen. Rae Maxwell, the woman behind the camera, kindly partnered with Miari Dancewear to capture the beauty and essence the new collection and she certainly didn’t disappoint. And the newest face of MiariSport, Magda Fialek, was the perfect choice to model the new collection; she knew all the right moves and poses.

So, needless to say, Miari Dancewear is very excited for February 1st so the new MiariSport collection can make its debut.

The team hopes you love the new collection and website as much as they do. So don’t forget to set your calendar and visit, miaridancewear.com, February 1st to scoop up the new MiariSport collection. 

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