MiariSport Styles


Miari, a ballroom dance clothing company based in Brooklyn, New York, offers ready-to-wear ballroom dance wear, designed and produced in the U.S. from luxurious, wrinkle-resistant poly/spandex. Handcrafted necklaces and belts compliment our dance wear for either a showcase or a night out of social dancing. Miari will create 'a one of a kind custom performance gown for your next competition as well.

Former competitive dancer, creative director and co-founder, Ariana Probinsky, has forged a signature style and aesthetic for the brand. With an eye for detail, design and color, her goal is to design and produce dance wear that is fashionable and make a dancer look and feel their best. Ariana’s design aesthetic is self described as, “elegant, sophisticated, fashionable and on trend.”

Miari's Dancewear : Freshen up your look on the dance floor with a dress, top and/or skirt. Although a lot of what we produce is black, we do try to offer colors for when black just won't work. Tango, Rumba or Cha-Cha dancers to dancers that just want to look great, chances are we  have something you'll love!

Our assortment of styles range from women's latin dance dresses and women's latin dance pants to skirts and tops, or men's latin tuxedo pants and practice trousers. Our apparel sould be hand washed and arranged flat to dry, or dry-cleaned. We usually ship out next day, unless we are out of stock. 

MiariCustom: Working with all budgets, Miari is able to design and produce custom, elegant, stylish ballroom dance performance pieces that are custom tailored to the individual dancer.  Whether it be a standard gown, latin ballroom dance dress or smooth gown, considering Miari doesn't carry performance inventory, pieces are custom tailored to each individual.

MiariAccessories: When you want that little bit of sparkle or an accessory is needed to complete the right amount of dazzle, we're here.  Our necklaces, bracelets and belts are all handcrafted with Swarovski and Preciosa crystals. Our customers even find our accessories add just the right amount of dazzle when paired with our dance wear for showcase.

MiariMan: We carry ready-to-wear men's ballroom practice trousers and we can produce any desired custom, well executed, performance shirt, trouser or vest for a man as well.

From concept to the smallest detail, Miari is proud to produce ballroom dance wear that is fashion forward, original and of great quality.